Chandler Brynne Rogers


We never know why God invites us on a new adventure or to take certain risk; we just know we are supposed to follow His lead.

Well I prayed... and He delivered.

If you know me, I have always been passionate about health and fitness. I never really tapped into my artistic side until I finally began to realize what was eliminating my extra time... which was, my cell phone and social media.

I began to read and really do some "soul searching" which has led me to the point where I am now. I realized I enjoy multiple things, such as living a balanced and healthy lifestyle with fitness and nutrition, modeling, reading, writing, designing and creating. I choose to create from life experiences and nature, not viewing other artist on social media.

Once I began to remove distractions, and focus on following Jesus Christ, everything in my life began to make sense to me. I truly believe we all have spiritual gifts if we allow ourselves to believe that we are gifted.  Our minds can allow us to achieve anything we want, or can lead us to believing we aren't capable of achieving anything.

The choices I have made have led me right to where I am, which is launching my brand, Only 1. I am thankful and blessed for the good and bad decisions in my life. Every situation is a learning experience and I look forward to the future encouraging every person to "Be Yourself."