My Life (Part Three)

Alright, so first off thank you for those who are staying tuned in. I have never opened up much on the web in regards to my personal life after high school, and who knows... I might just keep this thing going. For those who are just now reading, I am writing part three of my journey. Please know I am not trying to be grammatically correct, I am writing as if I am writing in my journal.

 Photographer in Mexico at The Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos

Photographer in Mexico at The Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos

         So like I mentioned in the previous blog, I constantly was on the web strategizing different methods to further my MLM company beginning in 2014. I had awesome experiences with travel throughout the United States and Mexico, and landed the cover of SUCCESS from Home Magazine (generating 40K-60K in volume a month), but something strange occurred... 

           As the company began to grow more, there were more restrictions on social media marketing. I was unable to continue the branding and marketing without compliance targeting my accounts. I don't question these type of issues, I just simply moved forward in life. I won't lie, this was one of the most emotional moments for me... I am not a big cryer, but never will forget the moment when I was when I received a call telling me to remove all of my pictures and videos. The goals I had set for myself pretty much were just over at that point. Of course I didn't realize why I felt targeted, but I just moved forward and never resigned. It was really hard grasping what was going on and happening, but sometimes you just can't question certain things. I just believe God had a different plan in my life at that time, which led me to Planet Fitness.

Note: I never said this is over in my life, I just said at this moment.

                  I began personal training at Planet Fitness in Enterprise, AL April 2016 (two years after joining my previous MLM company). I honestly thought I never would be going back into the corporate world, but I guess thats just what the big man upstairs had planned for me at this time. Once I began training in Enterprise, I loved it. The opening month of the club I was the number one trainer in the region and trained over 500 clients the first month. I still had questions in my head like, why I am I here? ... Some of my friends would tell me I was "too good for Planet Fitness" when in reality, I really loved it because nobody cared what you wore. I learned so much about people, different cultures, and even trained the mother of a writer from the show This Is Us. It was very interesting for me but I still didn't know my purpose for being here until clients like these came along...

 Alex Mimosa (current Planet Fitness Trainer, Enterprise, AL) Shanteni Womack, and Myself

Alex Mimosa (current Planet Fitness Trainer, Enterprise, AL) Shanteni Womack, and Myself

            Shan's doctor recommended her to hire a personal trainer and she came to Planet Fitness the last week I was in Enterprise, AL. When Shan began training with me she was unable to walk without her walker, and her leg strength was tremendously weak. When I transferred to the Dothan, AL location Shan followed me, and began to gain strength throughout her entire body. She was able to begin walking without her walker within a 3 month period. 

            Not only did I train people like Shan, but I was able to work with the military, athletes, and elderly. One special lady named Miss Norma who is 93 originally from Bloomingdale, IL still calls me on a regular basis and enlightens me on a lot of life lessons. The older I get, the more I realize she is right about almost everything.

             When I was at Planet Fitness I never took compensation from one client, I was the number one trainer for the first month I was in Enterprise, AL and I was the number one trainer the last month in Dothan, AL training 525 clients. I hustled, and still was on the web.

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 3.23.20 PM.png

           I said I would touch on the internet and social media. So I love tech, I really do. I love it so much because it is challenging and its always evolving. I am that person who wakes up and is motivated by technology. *Nerd Status* I work with a group of women (there are about 14 of us) who are all entrepreneurial ladies around the globe who focus on creating apps, furthering legitimate brands, who aren't sitting around scrolling miles on instagram (lol). We are responsible for studying algorithms on the web, and some of the girls have stepped away from Google to pursue their personal goals in life with branding and creating their own apps and have been featured in Forbes. NOW, with that being said...

           I have been involved too much on the web where I lost myself. I didn't realize my time was just on social media. I was WASTING time. I didn't know what I truly liked to do outside of the internet. I mean yea, I love fitness, but I physically felt as if I couldn't go to lunch and communicate without my cell phone being my security. I feel we have a lot of kids and adults who are just so consumed online they don't know who they are OFFLINE. The balance between both is a struggle for me personally, but I cannot further myself with creating apparel, and wearable art if I am always on the devices. I think technology is a great benefit to the world, but also it can be your worst enemy with comparison, false news, and just... drama.

             BUT, technology is also the future IMO. When you know how to reach millions and hit your target audience you can really have massive success. If you check out some of the youngest, wealthiest entrepreneurs, it all involves technology.

To be continued...