Why did I decide to create....

 2nd Grade Class Photo Southwest Georgia Academy  Damascus, GA

2nd Grade Class Photo
Southwest Georgia Academy
Damascus, GA

Hello readers/followers & everyone else!

I know I have been writing about my life, and I wanted to now write about WHY I decided to create a brand without gender labels. 

When I was a child I remember shopping at Baby Gap when I was in the 2nd grade and my mom told me to pick out a shirt that I wanted to wear for my school pictures. When I was in the 2nd grade I wasn't thinking of boy or girl labels, so I immediately ran to a olive green, red, and white button-down flannel on the boy's side of the store.

My mom let me pick out my shirt and I wore it in my school photo, and now being 28 years old... I just wish it was more accepted that kids and adults were able to shop without labels. I wear women and men clothing now and of course, I have certain preferences with certain fit/style, but I am never opposed to buying something on the men's side of the store if I really like it. You would be surprised at the people who will not purchase an item even if they truly love it just because it says a certain gender!

I think it is sad to see kids in school who have to wear certain clothes because that's how they are "suppose" to dress. I mean, I think everyone should express themselves how they please. Just because you are a man who wears a pink shirt with slim jeans doesn't mean you are extremely feminine. We tend to dress and act how we are raised, but as I have mentioned before, people are so different in different parts of the world. Sometimes traditions and beliefs we are accustomed to are extremely ridiculous especially when it involves what color of clothing we have on.  

After all, I always say, we are all different with different views and are all equal regardless of orientation and gender. I am a Christian but if someone doesn't have the same religious views as me, I still love them regardless of their differences and mine. 

Below is the "Be Inspired" Collection. Each item is hand dyed (twice), hand sewn, and one-of-a-kind.