Continued... My Life (Part Two)

This blog is continued from the previous blog in regards to my life and the career / life decisions I have made, leading to where I am now.

            Once I resigned from my previous multi-level marketing company, ViSalus (March 2014), I was connected to a wonderful couple (I truly mean this) named Jack and Gloria Vinson from Valdosta, GA. My mother, Lori, connected with them on Facebook. She reached out to Gloria in regards to weight loss supplements, and the couple came to visit us at our home in south Georgia about 2 hours from where they lived. This later led to me promoting my next company...

 Gloria & Jack Vinson, 200K at Le-Vel (Millionaire Award recipient 2017) and myself in Valdosta, GA

Gloria & Jack Vinson, 200K at Le-Vel (Millionaire Award recipient 2017) and myself in
Valdosta, GA

                 At this time you have to remember, I had already left my full-time job at FinishLine, and my career with ViSalus, so there was no weekly paychecks coming in. I had to just wing it for a while, and I knew I didn't want to go out and sell products to my friends or host a party (sorry networkers, I just don't really enjoy parties where you have to sell stuff to your friends). So I knew there had to be another alternative for making cash without having to sell it face to face. You know the phrase people say, "you have to have money to make money" well, I didn't have much at this time due to blowing it on everything in the world that involved myself (trips, tattoos and Nike's really add up), but I knew I could afford $9.99 a month which later led me to reaching and building a global team (all people I never have met before), where I marketed myself through 3 different platforms on Instagram. I also had to ship products internationally, work with professional photographers/videographers, invest in top nutritionist for meal planning / training (training was roughly 2 hours a day itself), work with people who didn't speak English (google doesn't translate everything!) Plus... I was responsible for making sure the platforms were working and running properly to keep this thing going and Facebook/Instagram didn't even have auto-translation like it does now!

             Now, this a lot of responsibility, not to mention, I really did work at these platforms day in and day out, and I didn't hire anyone. I mean I really had to make sure the translation was done properly, not to mention the coding and everything else us social media nerds know. If I wanted to be able to share my experience with individuals and they actually be able to comprehend the information. I marketed my own body (obviously) and strategically designed a business platform that could and can reach millions, that also, has yet to be seen.

             I focused on social media marketing for quite some time, which later led me to landing the cover of SUCCESS from Home Magazine July 2015, and I was featured throughout the entire magazine. I also was able to become affiliated with ambassador programs with 6 Pack Fitness, Quest Nutrition, Arctic Zero, and Halo Top. This has been one of my most successful and excited times of my life, but I am still at the beginning of my career with social media marketing and also, of course, my brand, Only1.

 SUCCESS from Home, July 2015

SUCCESS from Home, July 2015

 My mom, Lori Cannon, and myself

My mom, Lori Cannon, and myself

           Now, I am not saying all these things to brag on myself or to make you think I am some rockstar, I am just simply sharing my experiences in life. I am someone who does like nice things (I believe we all do to an extent) but I truly just like to eat good food (and good food can be cheap) and have fun, and if I had to choose, I would rather not wear makeup hardly any, and I LOVE TO BE COMFORTABLE! I prefer to not be in a huge group of people for very long, and I do not like to party hard. I don't need 5 cars, I only need 1. I think deeper than just images on Facebook and Instagram, I think more about living in the moment rather than always capturing the moment (believe it or not since I do have over 3000 post on one channel!). 

In the next part of my blog I will share why I decided to get involved with Planet Fitness, and what I believe is happening with young individuals with social media and the internet.

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